About us

Welcome to our store! At Keep Clear we are committed to provide our customers with high-quality products. Just check out our ingredients! Our Lice Defense Oil contains 100% Cosmetic-Grade Dimethicone Oil. This is a common ingredient in many over the counter makup and beauty products, tested extensively for consumer safety. Most lice treatment products on the market contain pesticides that just don't work on today's resistant Super Lice. Our oil works by suffocating lice - bye bye Super Lice! This makes our products extrmemly effective - and without the use of dyes, additives, pesticides, or harsh chemicals! This makes our oil safe for repeat use for prevention of further infestation, and safe for treatment of all ages! Our products are always BPA free, sulfate free, and Made in the USA! Our Spritz uses organic, GMO-free essential oils to repel lice from heavy items that are difficult to wash and frequently used such as kids' coats and backpacks. With Keep Clear Lice Defense products, we sell clean, clear products to keep you clear of lice!

As a small company, we are fortunate to be able to offer individualized customer service. If you have questions, comments, feedback (good or bad) we want to hear it! Email us at customerservice@keepclearlicedefense.com and get in touch with a real person, fast! We are committed to providing excellent products with superior service, so your feedback is valuable in helping us help you!